Gallanough Park Stormwater Management Improvements

Improvements are coming to Gallanough Park!

The City of Vaughan is undertaking important municipal infrastructure improvements to the stormwater management facility at Gallanough Park (21 Springfield Way). This work is vital to combat the risk of flooding during heavy rainstorms and to ensure this park remains a place families can enjoy for generations to come.


The construction at Gallanough Park is proceeding! The City has retained a new contractor to complete the Gallanough Park Stormwater Management Improvements Project, which is expected to wrap up by summer 2024. Construction is now underway. 


In addition, playground enhancements are coming to Gallanough Park! They include new equipment, accessible ramps, benches and more. The improved playground is anticipated to be complete by summer 2024. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Once complete, the stormwater management improvements in Gallanough Park and Arnold Avenue will include:

  • a new underground stormwater management facility in the park to help alleviate stormwater flooding that occurs north of Gallanough Park during high intensity rain events.

  • a new overland flow path into Gallanough Park to eliminate flooding on Tanjo Court and Springfield Way.

  • a new storm relief sewer on Arnold Avenue to improve the overall stormwater management for the Thornhill area.


In addition, the following revitalization improvements are coming to Gallanough Park:

  • a new and upgraded playground area (to commence in 2023)

  • new pollinator gardens

  • a new shade structure with seating areas

  • new accessible walkways with upgraded lighting and furnishings throughout the park

  • new outdoor fitness equipment located at five fitness stations throughout the park


The City will be making the following improvements to the playground at Gallanough Park:

  • Replacing the current playground equipment with new equipment
  • Replacing the sand surfacing with wood chip safety surfacing and adding accessible ramps
  • Replacing the concrete walkways around the playground 
  • Adding new benches 

Playground upgrades are anticipated to be completed by summer 2024. Due to ongoing construction, all park trails are closed. Please exercise caution when near the park and respect the signage and barriers in place. 


No, the playground replacement work is part of a separate contract. 


Stormwater management facilities include wet ponds, dry ponds, wetlands, underground storage chambers and other stormwater infrastructure implemented to drain stormwater runoff. In Gallanough Park, an underground stormwater management facility is being constructed. 


Stormwater infrastructure has many benefits, including:

  • reducing flooding on streets and in greenspaces.

  • protecting the natural environment from contaminants and erosion.

  • protecting rivers, creeks and lakes by trapping pollutants such as oil, pesticides, bacteria and trash.


Yes! Once the stormwater management improvements at Gallanough Park are complete, there are plans to install new pathways, fitness stations, a shade structure and plantings within the park. 


You can view the park's concept plan online


The construction on the stormwater management facility at Gallanough Park commenced in October 2021. With projects of this scale, there can be unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the City that impact construction. Unfortunately, this was the case with the initial construction in Gallanough Park, which resulted in delays to the original schedule. A new contractor with the expertise to complete a construction project of this scale has been hired by the City and work is now resuming. 


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