City of Vaughan Official Plan Review

Vaughan is growing and evolving – what kind of city do you want Vaughan to be in 30 years?

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The current Vaughan Official Plan 2010 contains a vision for the future that stresses responsible governance, sustainable planning, economic leadership, transparency, accountability and inclusivity. This vision has guided Vaughan’s growth and development over the past decade.

The Official Plan Review Process

The City of Vaughan has been working towards updating the City’s Official Plan through the Official Plan Review process to better meet the needs of current and future residents, businesses and those who visit Vaughan. The review process is rooted in environmental sustainability, social responsibility and economic development to plan for complete communities and guide the city’s growth for the next 30 years and beyond. 

The City of Vaughan Official Plan Review is being completed in two parts; Part A Official Plan Amendment (Conformity) and Part B Official Plan Amendment. An Official Plan Amendment (OPA) is a formal document that details updates to change an official plan. Part A is the first of two OPAs (Part A and Part B).


Part A Official Plan Amendment - Postponed to a Future Committee of the Whole Meeting


The previously scheduled Nov. 7 meeting regarding the proposed OPA has been postponed in response to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s statement last week indicating that new legislation is being introduced to reverse official plan decisions for many municipalities including York Region. 

The implications of this announcement by the Province of Ontario are being reviewed by City of Vaughan staff. We will not proceed with the proposed Part A OPA until a later date as we await direction from the Province and York Region.


As we continue working on the Official Plan Review, we welcome all comments from the public. There are many ways to get involved – you can visit or submit questions or feedback via email to


Part A Official Plan Amendment – Conformity


The Part A OPA is scoped to only include updates to bring the Vaughan Official Plan 2010 (VOP 2010) into conformity with updated Provincial policies, plans and legislation, and the York Region Official Plan. The Part A OPA is strictly a conformity exercise to align the Vaughan Official Plan 2010 with updated Provincial policies/plans and the updated York Region Official Plan 2022. Feedback received to-date, including background research and best-practices will be fulsomely addressed in the Part B OPA that is targeted for adoption in Q3 2024.


Please use the following to access the DRAFT Part A Official Plan Amendment Text

Please use the following to access the DRAFT Part A Official Pland Amendment Schedules


Part B Official Plan Amendment (targeted for adoption in late Q3 2024)


The Part B OPA will include updates beyond the scope of conformity to consider feedback received to-date, background research, and best-practices. The Part B OPA will include enhancement and refinement of policies specific to the City of Vaughan in key areas, such as the vision and guiding principles, parks and open space, climate change, transportation, active transportation, and infrastructure, urban design, public realm, and sustainable development.



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