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The City is undertaking a Tennis and Racquet Sports Study to assess existing racquet sports courts, like tennis or pickleball, and assess community needs, to help the City respond to changing facility use and demand. Once complete, the study will help improve access and operations, including the number, location and types of facilities, and help the City recognize how to effectively meet the growing and changing needs and expectations of residents and community sports organizations, across Vaughan.


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Thanks to everyone who completed the survey or participated in the public pop-ups in Fall 2023! We appreciate your feedback and interest in this project.


We will continue to explore the themes and suggestions that you provided and will include gather more information to develop potential options for the City to consider.


A second round of public engagement will be held in spring 2024. The purpose will be to gather specific feedback on a range of potential options – including on the choices and trade-offs the City will consider.


Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming second round of engagement – we’d love for you to stay involved!


 Image of Tennis and Racquet Sports Study timeline. In Fall 2023, the first round of community engagement and benchmarking research were completed. In Winter 2023-2024 results of the engagement are being reviewed as well as existing court facilities and key policies. In Spring 2024 the second round of community engagement will be launched. In Summer 2024 the study will be completed.


Frequently Asked Questions


The Tennis and Racquet Sports Study is intended to address community needs, including clubs and associations, respond to changing facility use and demand, and introduce new types of racquet sports, such as pickleball. The study will include a review of existing court facilities and City policies, the development of guidelines, policies, an implementation plan and more. Once complete, the study will help improve access and operations, including the number, location and types of facilities across Vaughan.


There are currently 136 tennis courts located in 58 locations across the city and 30 shared-used pickleball courts at 14 locations across the city. There are 8 dedicated pickleball courts planned in 2 locations, to be completed in 2024. For more information for pickleball, visit the pickleball website.


Yes! Additional community engagement will take place in spring 2024 and information will be posted to this webpage. Check back often.


The Tennis and Racquet Sports Study is planned to be completed in 2024. 


Visit the Recreation Programs webpage for an eGuide of available programs and link to online registration.



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