MoveSmart Mobility Management Strategy

The City’s transportation system is in a state of expansion and transition with more urbanization taking place. Travel demand continues to increase as the City’s population and economy grows.

MoveSmart Mobility Management Strategy

There are many factors involved in traffic congestion within the city and the City of Vaughan continues to make road safety, active and sustainable travel modes and effective traffic management a top priority. This is why the City has developed the MoveSmart Mobility Management Strategy (MoveSmart).


To date, the City has implemented a number of road safety and active and sustainable travel initiatives under this strategy, such as:

  • installing traffic calming measures, such as radar message boards and flexi-posts at select locations across the city
  • setting and adjusting appropriate speed limits and installation of new signage
  • neighbourhood traffic and speed management studies
  • replacing and optimizing pavement markings and signs
  • introducing new “slow school zone” stencilling pavement markings within school zone areas
  • upgrading streetlights from the current high-pressure sodium to light-emitting diode (LED) technology
  • developing and implementing safety measures near school zones
  • recruiting and training school crossing guards


As staff work to implement this strategy and achieve its projects and initiatives within the next five years updates will be made to this page.