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The City of Vaughan’s Business Licensing By-law 122-2022 (PDF) regulates which businesses must be licensed to conduct business in Vaughan and what information they must provide to residents. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to hire a contractor.

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All renovators, fence installers, pavers, landscapers, pool installers and snowplow contractors must be licensed by the City. Through licensing, the City can better ensure businesses comply with all City by-laws intended to uphold public health and safety, consumer protection and nuisance control.


Businesses that perform any of the activities outlined in the City’s Business Licensing By-law 122-2022 (PDF) under the renovator, fence installer, paver, landscaper and pool installer business categories are required to be licensed. Examples of these activities include: 

  • alteration, repair or renovation of buildings or structures
  • installation of swimming pools or hot tub
  • installing fences, banisters or rails, including pool enclosures
  • paving, resurfacing, repairing or sealing driveways or parking lots on private property, which may include municipal boulevards adjacent to such private property
  • creating, altering or maintaining “soft landscaping,” which refers to vegetation, and “hard landscaping,” such as patio stones, concrete, decorative architectural structures or non-horticultural elements
  • persons who solicit or advertise any of the above activities, or who hold themselves out to the public as performing any of these activities


For example, the following would require a City of Vaughan licence:

  • carpenters
  • framers
  • roofers
  • painters
  • tile setters
  • tree removal companies

Some persons do not require a City of Vaughan contractor licence, such as those: 

  • who are employed by a licensed renovator, fence installer, paver, landscaper and pool installer, but who do not perform work outside of their employment.
  • whose principal business is to construct new buildings covered by Tarion.
  • in trades which are licensed or otherwise certified by provincial legislation.


For example, the following would not require a City of Vaughan licence:

  • homebuilders
  • electricians
  • plumbers

As outlined in the City’s Business Licensing By-law 122-2022 (PDF), these businesses are required to take various measures to protect consumers, employees and the community at large, such as:

  • provide services in compliance with all relevant City by-laws, regulations and related decisions.
  • carry a minimum of $2 million in commercial general liability insurance coverage for their work.
  • provide a list of all relevant City by-laws and required permits to a customer in writing prior to providing a written contract.
  • provide a written contract to their customers, specifying the work that will be performed and the payment schedule, prior to accepting any payments.
  • display their business name and licence number on a placard issued by the City on the dashboard of their business vehicles, as well as on any signs or advertising, where permitted.


Check if a contractor is licensed by the City

To check if a contractor is licensed by the City, contact By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services at 905-832-2281 or However, the fact that a contractor is licensed does not necessarily mean they will be a good fit for the job.


Do your due diligence

Residents must do their own due diligence to ensure the contractor is qualified and a good fit for the job. Residents should look for a contractor that:

  • shows up on time.
  • deals with questions and concerns directly.
  • has solid experience with the type of work to be done.
  • provides references.


Ask your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours for recommendations on good contractors. You can also contact accredited organizations like the Canadian Home Builders' Association and the Better Business Bureau, visit a home show and look at local advertising. Use caution when contacting companies that advertise illegally, such as placing stickers and posters on public property.

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