Access Agreement

Access Agreements are required for any access through municipal property to your private property.

Please apply for an Access Agreement using the On-line Service Portal, please NOTE the following requirements prior to submission:


1. A non-refundable processing fee of $157.50 (plus applicable taxes) to be included at time of submission. 


2. Provide a plan/description of work being completed. Be sure to include: 

• Map with highlighted route/path to be accessed 

• A detailed restoration plan 

• A list of equipment/vehicles to be used 

• Time frame for expected work to be completed.


3. Certificate of Insurance in the amount of not less than $2 million. 


4. Application process is a minimum of seven working days for initial inspections to be completed. 


5. The appropriate supervisor will inspect the route and identify an amount of securities to be held. Security amounts are determined based on City assets that may be affected. Applicant will be advised of amount via email prior to the signing of the agreement. 

PLEASE NOTE: The supervisors reserve the right to deny the application and shall provide justification.


6. Upon completion of site restoration, notification must be given via email to


7. Site inspection will be conducted within seven working days of notification of site restoration by the appropriate supervisor(s). 


8. Should there be no deficiencies, the Finance department will be notified, and the security deposit will be released.


For any questions or concerns regarding applications through the On-line Service Portal please contact Service Vaughan at or (905) 832-2281.