Draft Plan of Subdivision Application


Ontario’s Planning Act (Section 51) grants the City authority to regulate the division of land through Plans of Subdivision.


When a landowner proposes to divide a parcel of land into more than three separate parcels, the Planning Act requires the landowner to submit a Draft Plan of Subdivision Application to ensure: 

  • the land is suitable for the proposed purpose(s) for which it is to be subdivided
  • the proposal conforms to the Official Plan and adjacent plans of subdivision, if any, and complies with the Zoning By-law
  • orderly development that protects the existing and future residents of the community from developments that are inappropriate or may place undue stress on community services, facilities, or the economy

Through this process, new development blocks are commonly established. New public streets, public parks, and municipal services may also be created through this process to support the new development blocks.

A Development Application Form is required for Draft Plan of Subdivision in accordance with the Planning Application Submission Process. Information related to Draft Plan of Subdivision Applications can be obtained by calling 905-832-2281 or by emailing DevelopmentPlanning@vaughan.ca.


Pre-Application Consultation

Before submitting a Development Application for a Draft Plan of Subdivision, the landowner must arrange a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) meeting with the Development Planning Department. The purpose of this meeting is for the landowner to present a proposal and for City staff to identify, on a preliminary basis only, the required information for a complete submission of the Draft Plan of Subdivision Application.

To arrange a PAC Meeting, please contact the Development Planning Department at 905-832-2281 or by emailing DevelopmentPlanning@vaughan.ca.

Submitting a Draft Plan of Subdivision Application

When a Draft Plan of Subdivision Application is submitted, the landowner must pay a processing fee in accordance with the Fees and Charges By-law. 

The planner assigned to the file will send an acknowledgment letter to the landowner advising the file number and setting out any additional requirements to be completed. In addition, the City is required to send a "Notice of Complete Application" to the landowner within 30 days of receipt of the application and to the public with 15 days of the Notice of Complete Application being issued to the landowner, if all application requirements identified at the PAC meeting are satisfied. If all requirements are not satisfied, a "Notice of Incomplete Application" will be sent to the landowner within 30 days of receipt of the application. The application will be circulated to all affected internal departments and external agencies.

For Draft Plans of Subdivisions, a public notification sign advising that a complete Draft Plan of Subdivision application has been submitted must be erected on the property in accordance with the Planning Act and the City's Notice Signs Procedures and Protocols.

A Draft Plan of Subdivision Application is required to be processed in accordance with the statutory timelines prescribed in the Planning Act

No Public Meeting is required for Draft Plans of Subdivision. On October 25, 2022, the Province of Ontario introduced Bill 23, the More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 (‘Bill 23’), which received Royal Assent on November 28, 2022. As a result of Bill 23, municipalities, including the City of Vaughan, are no longer required to hold Public Meetings for applications for Draft Plans of Subdivision; however, they will still need to provide Notices of Decision to all entitled persons and public bodies. This change will apply to all Draft Plan of Subdivision applications that have not had a Public Meeting prior to Bill 23 receiving Royal Assent.

Committee of the Whole

Although a Public Meeting is no longer required for Draft Plan of Subdivision Applications, the Development Planning Department is still required to assess the Draft Plan of Subdivision Application and to receive comments and/or conditions from circulated parties. Following their review, the Development Planning Department will prepare a Technical Report, with a recommendation to the Committee of the Whole. The recommendation of the Committee of the Whole is then forwarded to a Vaughan Council meeting for approval.  

Grading Permit Requirements

If the Draft Plan of Subdivision Application is approved, a subdivision grading permit from the Development Engineering Department is required before applying for the associated building permit in accordance with the Grading Permit Requirements for Subdivision Development

Subdivision Agreement

The Development Engineering Department is responsible for preparing the Subdivision Agreement for an approved Draft Plan of Subdivision application, based on the conditions of Draft Plan of Subdivision approval.

Ontario Land Tribunal Appeal Process

Section 51 of the Planning Act states that if an application is made for approval of a Draft Plan of Subdivision and City Council fails to make a decision on it within 120 days after the day the application is received by the City, the applicant may appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal with respect to the proposed subdivision by filing a notice with the Office of the City Clerk.

If City of Vaughan Council approves or refuses to give approval to a Draft Plan of Subdivision application, the Development Planning Department, within 15 days of its decision, gives written notice of it in the prescribed manner to: the landowner, each person or public body that made a written request to be notified of the decision, a municipality or a planning board for a planning area in which the land to be subdivided is situated, and any other person or public body that is prescribed, in accordance with Section 51 of the Planning Act.

Following the written notice, the 20-day appeal period starts, within which a party prescribed by Section 51 of the Planning Act can appeal this decision to the Ontario Land Tribunal. Once this period expires, and if no appeals have been received, a Final Notice of Decision is given and the draft approval of the Plan of Subdivision comes into full force and effect on the day it was approved by Council.