Property Tax and Assessment

Property taxes are collected by the City of Vaughan for services provided by the City, York Region and local school boards.

In fact, the property tax bills you receive may come in a City envelope, but less than 30 per cent of property taxes are used by the City of Vaughan. Learn about where your property tax dollars go and what they are used for.

An aerial view of a residential subdivision.

The City of Vaughan sends out two regular tax bills a year: interim and final. Contact the City immediately if a tax bill has not been received. Failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt property owners from paying taxes and any penalties incurred for late payment.

If the property is brand new and/or purchased from a builder, there may be a supplementary tax bill issued. The interim and final bill reflects the property taxes charged for the vacant land and the supplementary reflects the taxes for the actual building.

The 2024 Interim tax bill for ALL property owners will be mailed out February 2024 and the Final Bill will be issued in June 2024.

2024 due dates for ALL property tax bills

Interim BillingFinal Billing

March 27

April 26

May 29

July TBD

Aug. TBD

Sept. TBD

There are many payment options for your property taxes.

Monthly Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program Clients

The City's Monthly Pre-Authorized Tax Payment (PTP) program has two options:

Option one: monthly instalments (March to December)

  • Payments are withdrawn automatically from a bank account on the first working day of each month from March 1 to Dec. 1. Tax accounts must be at a zero balance to qualify for this program.
  • An Interim bill will be sent in February that will outline the 2024 instalments from March 1 to July 1. A final bill will be sent in June 2024 that outlined the instalments from Aug. 1 to Dec. 1.
  • This plan offers a more stable and equalized payment plan which is also more predictable and easier to budget for.

Option two: six instalments (interim and final billing due dates)

  • The instalment amounts for the interim and final billing are deducted from the bank account on each due date, equaling six withdrawals in total. Tax accounts must be at a zero balance to qualify for this program.


The bill continues to display a Watermark indicating "DO NOT PAY." This confirms that payment for each instalment will be automatically withdrawn directly from your bank account on each of the dates listed on the bill. For more information, read the frequently asked questions


To sign up for the PTP program, fill out the Pre-authorized Tax Payment Program application form (PDF).

Contact Information

Property Tax Office

Vaughan City Hall
2141 Major Mackenzie Dr.
Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1