Street Sweeping

The City of Vaughan's street-sweeping program begins in April and takes approximately eight to ten weeks to complete one rotation across the city, depending on the weather. After this initial cleaning, street sweeping continues throughout the summer and into the fall.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Do not park vehicles on the road
  • Do not blow or rake leaves or grass clippings onto the roadway
  • Ensure vehicles do not overhang onto the road
  • Keep basketball or hockey nets off the road and away from the edge of the curb
  • Ensure waste containers are not placed on the road


Your help ensures sweep crews can efficiently clean and maintain our city.


New subdivisions

If you live in a new subdivision that is still under construction, it is the responsibility of the developer to keep the roads clean. Please contact the City's Development Engineering department at 905-832-8525 should you have any concerns with your new subdivision.