What is a fire burn ban?

Fire burn bans are issued when weather conditions result in grass, trees and other vegetation drying out causing them to easily catch fire. A fire burn ban prohibits any outdoor burning, but does not apply to cooking food on a barbecue.


What if I have a burn permit?

When a fire burn ban is in effect, fire burn permits will not be issued and any previously issued fire burn permits will be cancelled. Once this ban is lifted, a previously issued fire burn permit becomes valid once again – please check online for fire burn ban status.


Failure to comply with a burn ban can result in fines up to $50,000 and/or imprisonment for up to one year.


Here are the two symbols that notify of a fire burn status that will be visible on the Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service homepage:


1. Fire burning is allowed with a valid permit.


Fire Burn Ban Lifted image


2. Fire burning is not allowed under any circumstance and fire burn permits are temporarily invalid.


Fire Burn Ban in Effect image


Applying for a fire burn permit

Before applying for a fire burn permit, ensure burning a fire in your area is allowed and a fire burn ban is not in effect. Full rules and regulations are available in the Fire Burn Permit By-law 50-94 (PDF)