Apartments and High-rise Buildings

Evacuating from an apartment or high-rise building during a fire may not always be possible.

apartment building

If this is the case, use these tips to keep safe:

  • Place a wet towel under the door frames.
  • Place duct tape or foil wrap over doors and vent openings.
  • Whistle and use a flashlight to signal for help.
  • Hang a brightly coloured cloth out of a window or a balcony to identify location.
  • Write messages with an ink marker on cloth or on windows.
  • Wet a cotton bed sheet – make a tent with it and stay near a window when the smoke is heavy.
  • Use a plastic pail with a lid to fill with water during a fire.


Additional items to the home emergency kit are a plastic pail and a fire-safety plan for your building.

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