Fire-related Permits

Exercise caution when conducting permitted open-air burning and when using outdoor firepits and barbecues. Learn more about fire prevention

Fire burn permit

Full rules, regulations and safety precautions to take for open-air burning in Vaughan are available in the Fire Burn Permit By-law 157-2023 (PDF). Before applying for a fire burn permit, ensure burning a fire in your area is allowed and a fire burn ban is not in effect.

  • To obtain a residential fire burn permit, visit any fire station or call the Fire Prevention Division at 905-832-8531. The charge for a permit is $45 (subject to change).
  • To obtain a commercial fire burn permit, call the Fire Prevention Division at 905-832-8531 for a fire inspection of the area. The charge for a commercial fire burn permit is $969 (subject to change).

A burn permit is not required for chimineas, chimneys, or wood burning appliances, provided they are used in accordance with the following safety tips.

  1. Maintain a minimum three metres (about 10 feet) clearance between the fireplace and combustible objects and surfaces to prevent ignition from radiant heat.
  2. Use appropriate insulating material between the unit and the wooden deck if the unit is being used on a wooden patio.
  3. Burn clean, dry firewood only.
  4. Limit the amount of firewood being burnt to ensure that the flames are confined to the unit and do not extend into the chimney.
  5. Keep the unit under constant supervision when in use.
  6. Keep a method of fire extinguishing nearby (e.g. fire extinguisher, pail of water, garden hose)
  7. Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  8. Check the unit regularly for cracks or other physical deterioration.
  9. Do not use the outdoor fireplace during high winds.
  10. Do not allow the smoke from the fireplace to affect the enjoyment of the natural environment by neighbours.


It is the occupant’s responsibility to ensure that the fireplace is being used appropriately and that they do not allow the smoke from the fireplace to affect the enjoyment of the natural environment by neighbours. If a complaint is received and it is determined that any of the ten tips have not been followed, Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service will attend the location, advise the owner/occupant there was an anonymous complaint, and request that the fire be put out. Depending on prior occurrences, and/or the severity of the hazard created, Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service may issue a verbal warning or proceed with other enforcement action. Residents should call 905-832-8506, Communications Division non-emergency line – press “0.”

Firework permit

This permit application is for using or displaying fireworks for personal or business use only. 



  1. Fill out the Fireworks Display Permit Application (PDF) form.
  2. Create a site drawing of where the fireworks will take place and indicate the firing zone and location of spectators.
  3. Submit the application form and site drawing to


A firework permit may take up to 10 business days to process once received. Full rules and regulations for setting off fireworks in Vaughan are available in the Fireworks and Pyrotechnics By-law 089-2022 (PDF). To learn more, read the Fireworks Safety brochure (PDF). 


Businesses interested in selling fireworks must apply for a licence and take the necessary courses.

Acquired Structure Program application

Find out more about the Acquired Structure Program and how Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service uses buildings for hands-on training.

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