Backflow Prevention Program

The goal of the Backflow Prevention Program is to ensure Vaughan’s water is safe for businesses and residents to drink and use.

a backflow valve

The City of Vaughan’s Backflow Prevention Program and the Backflow Prevention By-law 177-2020 (PDF) is designed to protect the City of Vaughan’s water system to safeguard the quality of water being delivered to businesses and residents. This is done by the installation of a backflow prevention device that prevents the discharge of contaminating substances into the drinking water system.




Please note that the City of Vaughan will not recommend or endorse any Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person(s) registered to this program and makes no representation about the quality of work a Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person is able to provide. Property owners are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence when retaining a Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person.


Under no circumstances will the City of Vaughan be responsible or liable to any contractors completing works done pursuant to the Backflow Prevention By-law, nor to any property owner procuring services pursuant to the Backflow Prevention By-law.